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The official website of the PRIVATE INVESTORS CLUB

Our aim is to improve our members’ understanding of investment.

People who want to make the most of their money whether a lot or a little – need to know how the stock market works, how to take advantage of it and how to select the investments that suit them best. The Private Investors Club is the way to that kind of understanding. The Club promotes the interests of individual shareholders and membership is open to all, whether or not they own shares.


The Club is a source of information and the N500 monthly subscription gives member access to staff who are available to answer your stock market queries either by phone, letter or email. In addition you will receive the quarterly Club Newsletter Stock Market, distributed exclusively to members. It keeps members up to date with the latest news of changes and innovations in the market and describes in detail the various types of investment available – gilt-edged stock, traded options, unit trusts and personal financial plans. It is NOT a tipsheet but includes features about topics of particular interest to individual shareholders such as investor protection, stockbroker services and how the stock market procedures work.

Stockmarket will increase your knowledge of the Exchanges and how its working affect the shareholder.

It will give you more confidence in your dealings with the market and enable you to make investment decisions with greater insight.


The Private Investors Club produces a wide range of publications and leaflets on subjects of interest to individual investors. To keep them abreast of developments, Club members receive relevant publications as part of their subscription.


Special events provide opportunities for Club members to discuss their investment experiences and to learn from each other as well as from financial specialists. General information about Exchanges are always readily available. The Club also arranges lectures, seminars and learning weekends including such topics as traded options, Exchange technology, the use of computers and many other topics of direct interest to the private investor.


As well as being a source of information and learning, the Club is also a forum through which the Exchanges can talk to investors and potential investors. It is also there to help individual shareholders say what they think about the Exchanges and all aspects of share ownership.


On joining, members receive a personalized card providing proof of membership for entry to Club events. It comes in a cardholder embellished with the Club logo.


The Club provides real benefits for new and existing investors, but:

It does not give specific investment advice about what to buy and sell. Only a qualified investment adviser can help with such personal financial affairs; it is not an investment club; subscriptions are not invested on behalf of members but are used to provide the Club’s services.


To join the Club please complete and return the registration form.

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